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No matter where you are in the world, CONSIM facilitates project progress monitor at your finger tips. CONSIM simulates 3D environment from a set of graphically linked construction activities. CONSIM tracks the unforeseen conflicts in the project with its process simulation engine. CONSIM evaluates visually the actual project progress with the planned schedule.


 In its early stages of development, Simulation Technology had been applied only in highly sensitive fields like war front simulation, nuclear fusion simulation etc., where test run is practically impossible or highly expensive. Due to the rapid development in the microprocessor technology and the advancement in computer graphics, nowadays it is being applied in almost all field of Engineering. Construction processes range from the very simple to the very complex. Complex processes are difficult to analyze and optimize using standard mathematical methods. Simulation is an alternative method of analysis that offers numerous benefits.

In this modern era, every construction has been planned using powerful packages like Primavera or MS Project, which will produce a range of output both in tabular and graphical reports. Among these, some of the output is generally used to monitor the project progress like S curve.  In a complex project, the conventional method of project monitoring is troublesome to compare "what we achieved" against "what we planned".


Here is the Solution
CONSIM allows you to visualise your project in a virtual 3D environment to see "where we stand" and many more ...
CONSIM has been built with the powerful Introuter Technology on the basis of high end research.
CONSIM allows you to monitor construction work progress at your finger tips, virtually anywhere in the world.
CONSIM simulates a 3D environment from a set of graphically linked construction activities.
CONSIM evaluates visually the actual work done with the planned programme.
CONSIM is also provided with a Process Simulation Engine which simulates the actual construction process so as to detect any unforeseen conflicts in activities and to take possible remedies before it alerts in the construction site.
CONSIM shows you the current activities as blinking 3D objects. This method will quickly communicate with the user to identify the current activities at site. CONSIM also shows the current activities partially with respect to its percent completion and its development surface as flashing.
 It shows different display modes as wire frame and render so as to see any inner objects. Existing Site Condition can also be easily filtered. CONSIM is also capable of doing construction stage analysis, volume analysis, hard copying etc.,

CONSIM generates the 3D views for:

Present Site Condition as on Data Date
Planned Site Condition as on Data Date
Planned Site Condition as on Today
Remaining works to be done
View at Completion
Advanced Viewing System
Advanced viewing system allows you to simulate the construction process and to show the planned site condition as on any specified date. CONSIM also presents the planning activities with its construction status in different useful forms.
        CONSIM web module allows you to monitor the project progress anywhere from the world. 
        It is as simple as logging on your email account to list your projects. A click on the project title will show you everything you need on the web. CONSIM Local Server is capable of watching any planning programme update, to update the simulation database and to upload the simulation results in the CONSIM remote server.
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